Data Entry

Data Entry

Data Entry

Data Entry is a basic necessity for every business. However, keeping them up to date is highly time-consuming and it also takes your focus away from your core competencies. At Trendsoft, our data entry services are focused towards delivering outstanding results for our clients. We adapt our outsourcing services to cater to the specific needs of your business and assist you in achieving your business goals. You also get the advantage of cost-effective services that can keep your business growing. As an industry-leading provider of data entry services, Trendsoft is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data quality and security.

  • Data Conversion Services
  • eCommerce Data Entry Services
  • Data Processing Services
  • Bulk Invoices Entry
  • Utility Bills Data Entry
  • Digitization Services
  • Order Processing Service
  • Data Verification Service
  • Scanning and OCR Cleanup
  • Data Mining Services
  • Catalog Processing Service
  • Warranty Registration Entry
  • Document Management Service
  • Promotional Product Data Entry
  • Form Processing Services

 Data Mining Services

Data mining process at Trendsoft follows all the standard, but important, steps involved in mining data. We have data mining solutions with latest technology for any industry of any size. Trendsoft has qualified & experienced hands which approach each project as an exclusive venture, to apply following steps:

  • Data Collection & Integration
  • Selection of Useful Data
  • Transformation of Data
  • Clustering and Association Analysis
  • Pattern Evaluation & Knowledge Presentation
  • Helping user to make use of the knowledge acquired

 Benefits you can expect with Trendsoft

  • Quality analysis & high accuracy level
  • Reduce the cost by 65% to 75% with top quality
  • Completion of project in timely manner
  • A trustworthy outsourcing experience with customized backup